Think it’s too early to start shopping for that perfect little outfit to wear to that Holiday work party you’ve been told about since October? Well, think again! Some of the most gorgeous dresses are on the racks between Homecoming and Thanksgiving, and the sales are hard to beat! Save yourself the stress of last minute Holiday shopping just a week before the party, bundle up and hit the mall now.

This adorable little number is perfect to wear to any of your planned Holiday parties this season. The feminine one shoulder look is definitely red hot right now, and the Haley Logan Dress definitely has the simple chic-ness guaranteed to impress. Available in red and teal (both great Holiday colors), the Haley Logan Dress is available at Macy’s for $82-a deal that simply cannot be passed up! Wear this flirty frock with bold earrings, bangles and killer heels to add sparkle and sexiness to your ensemble.


Pretty ruffles!

I absolutely adore this flirty ruffle jacket from ASOS-it’s the perfect, lightweight outerwear addition for a hot summer. This cropped, girly jacket is a versatile piece that can be worn throughout summer into early fall. Whether you pair it with skinny jeans and your favorite Kate Spade heels, or simply wear it over your eyelet sundress, this hot summer item will add a flair of girliness to every outfit. Pair this petite jacket with matching Jeweled Teardrop earrings from Forever 21, or a long necklace for an evening look, and you’ll be sure to be the talk of the town! Only available at ASOS.

It’s Okay If you and your English significant other debate the pronunciation of certain words on a daily basis. He may have the ‘proper‘ accent, but at least people can understand you when ordering through the Drive-Thru ;).


Guy in the Corduroy Jacket asks:

“I’m going for a smart, yet casual look-I have a dark, Corduroy Jacket and a pair of Khakis. How do I make this work? Are jeans a better choice? And what color shirt should I wear? Please help!”

Guy in the Corduroy Jacket, I feel honored that you’ve asked for my help! It sounds like you’ve got a pretty good idea of the look you’re going for-sophisticated, yet casual, which is in at the moment.

Just have a question in regards to the jeans you’ve mentioned. Are they a dark or medium wash? If you’re going to wear jeans, I recommend dark jeans. They’re a bit more dressy. Jeans will play down the outfit a little, so if you choose to wear jeans, I suggest wearing a V-neck sweater (or vest) over a button down shirt-it’s a preppy way of layering your outfit (see photo above). Again, I like the idea of the pastel colored shirt, and depending on the color, you can match your vest accordingly.

Of course there is always the option of dark jeans, and a neutral jacket with a plain white long sleeve button down under it for a simple, classic, yet posh look. Add a striped tie if you need to dress it up.

If you’re going for more of a preppy look with Khakis or Chinos, wear a dressy button down long sleeve shirt under the jacket (Maybe a blue and white pinstriped shirt to match your dark jacket?). Wearing a patterned shirt will make the look more casual and contrast with your neutral colored pants nicely. If you want to wear a solid, light colored (or pastel) button down with the jacket, however, that would work too. I like the idea of the patterned detail button down with Khakis. Look at some of these shirts. I prefer the striped ones.

Also, you can mix and match my suggestions-for example, if you like the sweater vest with the Khakis, try that look out. If you want to wear a pinstriped button down under your jacket with jeans, that would look good too. It’s completely up to your style preferences.

Hope this helps!

Well, it’s nearly upon us–the season where lush flowers are chosen and arranged, big bands get ready to play their swing, frantic women across the nation scurry in and out of boutiques, scrounging for their final centerpiece touches, and sweet Bridal Showers and crazy all-nighter Bachelorette parties are planned. Yes, I’m talking about wedding season

…but more specifically, I want to talk about Bridal Showers, and the little white dress.

Most of the time, Bridal Showers are themed. Whether it’s a Garden Tea Party, a Brunch/Luncheon, Spa Day, or (insert other event here), usually there is a general direction to the gathering geared towards the Bride-to-be’s likes/interests. However different Bridal Showers may be, they  are all intended for one purpose: to honor/recognize the soon-to-be-Bride, and her engagement. And at her shower, she should look fabulous.

I think it’s only appropriate for the Bride-to-be to wear white at her Bridal Shower–imperative even. When she wears white, it differentiates her from the other women at the shower, and foreshadows events to come (her wedding!). Spring sundresses and frocks are great because they’re simple, yet elegant, and can be dressed up or down, and accessorized with bangles and large necklaces to better suit the Bride-to-be’s personality and personal style.

Old Navy’s White Embroidered Sundress is fun and flirty. With a plunging neckline, bold necklaces and silk scarves can accessorize this cute little number. At just $34.50, why not splurge and buy some bright colored strappy sandals to match your bangles and scarf?

Another adorable little white dress is American Eagle’s White Lace Dress. This delicate sundress has elegant lace detail that should not be overlooked. I’d recommend lighter, more simplified jewelry–perhaps a long, thin gold beaded necklace with matching gold bangles. Strappy gold sandals would tie in the white and gold theme well. Priced at $49.50, this summer dress is a must-have.

For the Bride-to-be leaning towards an off-white/cream wedding, TopShop’s Stud Tie Dress by Rare is the perfect chiffon dress for you. This dress is unique-not only is it cream colored, it is lined with studs, offering a more edgy look. Accessories should be heavy on the bangles, dangly earrings, and a funky, strapped heel (perhaps leather?). This dress is for the bold, yet girly Bride-to-be, offering a flirty hemline, studded shoulders/neckline/hips, and empire waist. Priced at £36, this statement piece is a keeper.

So, my advice to you, discerning bride, is to be fabulous during these next few months–don’t stress, take a breath. You and your wedding will be beautiful. Enjoy your family, friends, loved ones–and in that little white Eyelet dress you’re going to shine.


Ah, winter. As much as I despise the snow and freezing cold temperatures, I absolutely adore winter fashion. There’s nothing like window shopping downtown, bundled up with the one you love in your plaid peacoat, matching scarf, leggings and Steve Madden knee-high boots. Your outerwear definitely makes or breaks an outfit, but if you shop around, you’ll find that peacoat that fits the bill (literally and figuratively).

I must admit, my closet is full of peacoats (classic black, plaid, camel colored, baby-doll, and fire-engine red are just a few that I sport during the chilly months). I prefer the mid-thigh to knee length coats, only because I tend to wear a lot of dresses/longer shirts and leggings, so I like my clothes to be covered (plus, a little bit of ruffle peeking from under your peacoat is always pretty). If you wear jeans often, however, a longer coat may not suit the outfit quite as well as the shorter, waist-length peacoat. Pick a baby-doll coat that flares out at the waist for a girly look, or choose a military fitting peacoat for a classic feel. It’s always good to have options-no girl wants to wear the same coat every single day, so play with lengths and patterns!

If you’re petite (like me), be wary of the length. When a peacoat is advertised as knee-length, it will probably fall below your knee when tried on. This can give the illusion of shorter legs, and a short torso. And let’s face it, when your 5’1″, your body frame does not need to appear shorter. 

This year, bold colors are in. Let’s brighten up the dreary, monochrome days with a bold colored or patterned peacoat. Old Navy’s Ruffled Wool-Blend peacoat is a girly, baby-doll inspired coat in the stores this season. Want a shorter, waist-length peacoat to wear for jeans? I recommend the Ruffle-Collar Wool Blend jacket (from Old Navy as well). Skeptical? No need to be. Old Navy coats look much cuter on your body, than on the hanger-trust me.

I especially love Victoria’s Secret‘s peacoats as well. There are so many sleek and sexy styles (yes, peacoats can be sexy), surely any woman will be able to find a style or pattern to suit them this winter-a personal favorite is the Wool A-Line Coat in Lipstick Red from VS

So, grab your knitted hat, mittens, wool tights and leg warmers, button up your bright yellow knee-length peacoat and you’ll beat the chill and warm your heart with this hot fashion item this year!


105.7 Santa FM

It’s Okay If your radio is set for 105.7 Santa FM starting November 1st.

How else would we motivate ourselves to get our Holiday shopping done early?


Ah, how lovely. Everything matches.


As a few of you already know, A and I have signed a lease for our first apartment! We move in this weekend, and are feverishly buying the bits and pieces we’ll need to survive our first week or so (at least!) in our new place. One of those new apartment must-haves is a comforter set. After shopping around for two days (at Target, Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and JC Penney’s) trying to find the perfect set, we’ve finally found one (thank the Lord). I have a few tips that (I believe) will save you the stress that we endured trying to buy “the right one” to match your style and budget. 

1. Know your budget.

2. Shop around.

3. Have an open mind (don’t get one certain color scheme set in your head).

4. However, do look for neutrals or specific pattern sets that are easy to match curtains/other pieces in the bedroom.

5. Pay attention to what the comforter set includes- sheets included are a plus.

6. Don’t look for comforters based on “brand names”- buy what you like and make it your own.


Ali and Rubber Toe.


So that’s it. Another Bachelorette season over. While Ali had two great guys at the end of it all, I truly believe she made the wrong choice.

As viewers know, Ali was extremely attracted to Roberto from day one- physically that is. While their relationship grew, it was still predicated on her initial, giddy crush on him- an infatuation that never ceased to exist. In the end, Roberto seemed a bit shaky about his proposal- that’s not a good sign. Looks are only skin deep, Ali. Usually fairy tale endings are not found on The Bachelorette.

Chris L. was clearly the better choice. He possessed qualities that hinted at the potential for a sturdy, strong relationship that would last. Ali mentioned a few times during the course of the show that her relationship with Chris L. grew slower than the rest, but friendship is surely the foundation of any strong relationship, right? Another huge perk, was Chris‘s unbreakably strong bond with his family- especially his mother. And as we all know, a guy’s relationship with his mother more often than not mirrors how he will treat his wife later down the road. Did Ali miss all this or something?!

As I mentioned on Kristi’s Open Forum post regarding Ali‘s choice last night on The Bachelorette, I feel as though the show is a bit contrived and misleading. First of all, the producers create this perfect world for contestants and the bachelor/bachelorette to fall in love. Clearly, this little land of love is not realistic. Between the extensive traveling, beautiful beaches, wonderful activities/dates, and luxuries contestants wouldn’t normally have, it’s impossible NOT to fall in love. Everyone is in a constant state of bliss! 

I only wonder how life is/will be when Ali and old Rubber Toe (courtesy of A) return home to job seek, apartment hunt, and plan their wedding. I hope Chris Harrison and his posse of producers prepared you both for life’s stresses as well, Ali.

As for Chris L.– he deserves better. His unwavering love for Ali should not be overlooked. I doubt he’ll be the next Bachelor, however. He seems way too down-to-earth and genuine. Best of luck to you, Chris L.Ali clearly chose the wrong man.


A and I.


As some of you may have realized, our engagement was extremely brief. A and I decided to have a private civil service ceremony this past Saturday, July 24th for reasons of our own. That doesn’t mean we’re skimping out on a big wedding, however. We plan to have our public “big day” next fall (in 2011, as explained in the previous post, I’m Engaged), when friends and family, (A‘s family included), will all be invited- international weddings require months of preparation and scheduling, and that’s exactly what it will be for A‘s family- international. So, to ensure that our loved ones can attend, we will have a “proper” celebration next year.

So, fret not. And please no longer be confused (or offended that we didn’t invite you to this private event). Next year will be worth the wait- we promise.

In the mean time, take a look at some wedding photos from this past Saturday.

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