Disappointed with Ali’s Choice? I know I am.



Ali and Rubber Toe.


So that’s it. Another Bachelorette season over. While Ali had two great guys at the end of it all, I truly believe she made the wrong choice.

As viewers know, Ali was extremely attracted to Roberto from day one- physically that is. While their relationship grew, it was still predicated on her initial, giddy crush on him- an infatuation that never ceased to exist. In the end, Roberto seemed a bit shaky about his proposal- that’s not a good sign. Looks are only skin deep, Ali. Usually fairy tale endings are not found on The Bachelorette.

Chris L. was clearly the better choice. He possessed qualities that hinted at the potential for a sturdy, strong relationship that would last. Ali mentioned a few times during the course of the show that her relationship with Chris L. grew slower than the rest, but friendship is surely the foundation of any strong relationship, right? Another huge perk, was Chris‘s unbreakably strong bond with his family- especially his mother. And as we all know, a guy’s relationship with his mother more often than not mirrors how he will treat his wife later down the road. Did Ali miss all this or something?!

As I mentioned on Kristi’s Open Forum post regarding Ali‘s choice last night on The Bachelorette, I feel as though the show is a bit contrived and misleading. First of all, the producers create this perfect world for contestants and the bachelor/bachelorette to fall in love. Clearly, this little land of love is not realistic. Between the extensive traveling, beautiful beaches, wonderful activities/dates, and luxuries contestants wouldn’t normally have, it’s impossible NOT to fall in love. Everyone is in a constant state of bliss! 

I only wonder how life is/will be when Ali and old Rubber Toe (courtesy of A) return home to job seek, apartment hunt, and plan their wedding. I hope Chris Harrison and his posse of producers prepared you both for life’s stresses as well, Ali.

As for Chris L.– he deserves better. His unwavering love for Ali should not be overlooked. I doubt he’ll be the next Bachelor, however. He seems way too down-to-earth and genuine. Best of luck to you, Chris L.Ali clearly chose the wrong man.

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