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Think it’s too early to start shopping for that perfect little outfit to wear to that Holiday work party you’ve been told about since October? Well, think again! Some of the most gorgeous dresses are on the racks between Homecoming and Thanksgiving, and the sales are hard to beat! Save yourself the stress of last […]

    So that’s it. Another Bachelorette season over. While Ali had two great guys at the end of it all, I truly believe she made the wrong choice. As viewers know, Ali was extremely attracted to Roberto from day one- physically that is. While their relationship grew, it was still predicated on her initial, giddy […]

    As some of you may have realized, our engagement was extremely brief. A and I decided to have a private civil service ceremony this past Saturday, July 24th for reasons of our own. That doesn’t mean we’re skimping out on a big wedding, however. We plan to have our public “big day” next […]

I’m Engaged!


It seems to be a summer filled with engagements and weddings! I feel as though I am constantly hearing about couples who are preparing to “tie the knot”, myself and A included! We’re so happy- the road hasn’t been easy for us (when is immigration ever easy?) but it seems our happy ending is in […]

    Since it’s my Birthday today (May 14th), I thought I’d share a little Birthday-related post. So here it is: 9 Things you can do on your birthday that you (usually) can’t do any other day. It’s your party- you can cry if you want to (I couldn’t resist) Take a personal day from work Eat […]