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Guy in the Corduroy Jacket asks: “I’m going for a smart, yet casual look-I have a dark, Corduroy Jacket and a pair of Khakis. How do I make this work? Are jeans a better choice? And what color shirt should I wear? Please help!” Guy in the Corduroy Jacket, I feel honored that you’ve asked […]

  When it comes to excercise, many of us want to parktake in something we actually enjoy. Whether it’s intense 6 mile runs (if that’s your kind of thing), brisk power-walks (does anybody really power-walk?), spending half the day in the gym on various machines (that we aren’t quite sure how to work), or workout videos (they make it look so easy), […]

One of Fashion Forward‘s readers asks an excellent question regarding sweatpants. Many believe that sweatpants are a “fashion don’t”, so should we write them off our shopping list  altogether, or give them a second chance? Amanda I says: I never wear sweat pants in public. I honestly think there is no way to make them any better than what […]