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It’s Okay If you and your English significant other debate the pronunciation of certain words on a daily basis. He may have the ‘proper‘ accent, but at least people can understand you when ordering through the Drive-Thru ;). Advertisements

  It’s Okay If your radio is set for 105.7 Santa FM starting November 1st. How else would we motivate ourselves to get our Holiday shopping done early?

It’s Okay If you are seriously considering writing the following disclaimer on your Facebook page: Disclaimer: If you tick me off, I’m most likely going write an ARA about you, or tweet about you. (Maybe even both! How mean is that?!)

    It’s Okay If you don’t fully understand the Silly Bandz craze, but bought yourself a pack anyway. It’s always fun to revert back to your inner-child. (remember the Beanie Baby, Pogs, and Pokemon card fads?)

    It’s Okay If you use 2 different mascaras to coat your lashes every morning. After all, long, girly, flirty lashes are in- and who doesn’t love bright, beautiful eyes? I know I do.

It’s Okay If America’s tune, “My Country Tis of Thee”, is the exact same melody as England’s national anthem “God Save the Queen”.  It is a bit cheeky if you ask me, but we are the rebels after all, and that’s just how we roll.

      It’s Okay If you and your boyfriend finish each other’s sentences. It just means that you’re on the same page, and who doesn’t want that?

It’s Okay If you’ve neglected to post anything (on your own blog) for a while. Writing Vacation Posts for Kristi Gustafson’s Times Union blog, On The Edge is much more important at the moment, and for that I apologize, fashion forward.                     Look for new posts next week.

    It’s Okay If you’ve always thought that chic was pronounced chick. Yes, you’re a self-proclaimed fashionista, but you’re also a spelling/grammar freak who has taken only 1 semester of French…

  It’s Okay If just about every song from Kings of Leon‘s album “Only by the Night” brings back wonderfully vivid memories of that hot English summer by the sea; full of fish & chips, walks by the sea-front, trips to London, BBQs with your Boyfriend’s “mates“, and the start of an ever-lasting romance…