How to effectively shop for a comforter set (without breaking the bank or your personal style)



Ah, how lovely. Everything matches.


As a few of you already know, A and I have signed a lease for our first apartment! We move in this weekend, and are feverishly buying the bits and pieces we’ll need to survive our first week or so (at least!) in our new place. One of those new apartment must-haves is a comforter set. After shopping around for two days (at Target, Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and JC Penney’s) trying to find the perfect set, we’ve finally found one (thank the Lord). I have a few tips that (I believe) will save you the stress that we endured trying to buy “the right one” to match your style and budget. 

1. Know your budget.

2. Shop around.

3. Have an open mind (don’t get one certain color scheme set in your head).

4. However, do look for neutrals or specific pattern sets that are easy to match curtains/other pieces in the bedroom.

5. Pay attention to what the comforter set includes- sheets included are a plus.

6. Don’t look for comforters based on “brand names”- buy what you like and make it your own.


One Response to “How to effectively shop for a comforter set (without breaking the bank or your personal style)”

  1. 1 Che

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