Pretty Peacoats for an Ugly Winter



Ah, winter. As much as I despise the snow and freezing cold temperatures, I absolutely adore winter fashion. There’s nothing like window shopping downtown, bundled up with the one you love in your plaid peacoat, matching scarf, leggings and Steve Madden knee-high boots. Your outerwear definitely makes or breaks an outfit, but if you shop around, you’ll find that peacoat that fits the bill (literally and figuratively).

I must admit, my closet is full of peacoats (classic black, plaid, camel colored, baby-doll, and fire-engine red are just a few that I sport during the chilly months). I prefer the mid-thigh to knee length coats, only because I tend to wear a lot of dresses/longer shirts and leggings, so I like my clothes to be covered (plus, a little bit of ruffle peeking from under your peacoat is always pretty). If you wear jeans often, however, a longer coat may not suit the outfit quite as well as the shorter, waist-length peacoat. Pick a baby-doll coat that flares out at the waist for a girly look, or choose a military fitting peacoat for a classic feel. It’s always good to have options-no girl wants to wear the same coat every single day, so play with lengths and patterns!

If you’re petite (like me), be wary of the length. When a peacoat is advertised as knee-length, it will probably fall below your knee when tried on. This can give the illusion of shorter legs, and a short torso. And let’s face it, when your 5’1″, your body frame does not need to appear shorter. 

This year, bold colors are in. Let’s brighten up the dreary, monochrome days with a bold colored or patterned peacoat. Old Navy’s Ruffled Wool-Blend peacoat is a girly, baby-doll inspired coat in the stores this season. Want a shorter, waist-length peacoat to wear for jeans? I recommend the Ruffle-Collar Wool Blend jacket (from Old Navy as well). Skeptical? No need to be. Old Navy coats look much cuter on your body, than on the hanger-trust me.

I especially love Victoria’s Secret‘s peacoats as well. There are so many sleek and sexy styles (yes, peacoats can be sexy), surely any woman will be able to find a style or pattern to suit them this winter-a personal favorite is the Wool A-Line Coat in Lipstick Red from VS

So, grab your knitted hat, mittens, wool tights and leg warmers, button up your bright yellow knee-length peacoat and you’ll beat the chill and warm your heart with this hot fashion item this year!

One Response to “Pretty Peacoats for an Ugly Winter”

  1. That VS A-Line is the BEST coat. I’ve had one for five years and I love it madly, though the buttons have to be sewed back on quite frequently. Well worth the upkeep though. Thanks for the tips on Old Navy coats, I would have never thought of them, but that ruffle coat in red is wonderful!

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