I’m Engaged!


It seems to be a summer filled with engagements and weddings! I feel as though I am constantly hearing about couples who are preparing to “tie the knot”, myself and A included! We’re so happy- the road hasn’t been easy for us (when is immigration ever easy?) but it seems our happy ending is in the near future: Next October (2011) to be exact.

Of course, plans are coming together, venues are being thought about (soon to be scouted out), I have a pristine mental image of my perfect dress, and I’m thinking roses- lots and lots of red roses. 

Okay, that’s the only information I’m willing to give at this point. I’ll keep you updated though, I promise.


It’s Okay If you are seriously considering writing the following disclaimer on your Facebook page: Disclaimer: If you tick me off, I’m most likely going write an ARA about you, or tweet about you.

(Maybe even both! How mean is that?!)


Don't worry. Event wearing happens to the best of us.


Not to toot my own Chanel encrusted horn, but I must say, I have a fantastic memory- when it comes to fashion, that is. If you were to bring up a memory, I’m 99% sure that I could tell you exactly what I was wearing (and probably what you were wearing too!). Seriously. This seemingly pointless power really provides no benefits, just a subconscious, mental catalog of what I’ve worn, and when I’ve worn it. Often, I subconsciously choose the same outfit I’ve already worn for the same event/outing/occasion in the past. I call this Event Wearing. I know. My mind is so organized (borderline OCD?) and categorical, I often wonder how it can be mine. I have two different examples of when this has happened to me recently (well, semi-recently).

  1. The past 2 times (September 2009, and this past March) I’ve made collages for my BF, I wore the same pastel-plaid H&M button down shirt. This is when I first made the discovery of my freakish tendency to Event Wear.
  2. This past spring, the BF and I went to the cinema quite often, and I distinctly remember wearing my grey sweater-dress on at least two different occasions. It’s not like I chose the sweater-dress because it was warm, it’s short-sleeved for goodness sake.


While there may be no rhyme or reason to my Event Wearing, I think it’s more than a coincidence how my obsessive fashion ability often comes into play. I mean, it’s not like I’m running out of clothes- I recently took 6 bags full of clothes to Plato’s Closet for a wardrobe cleanse. So why do I subconsciously relate certain outfits to certain events/occasions? 

Tell me I’m not the only one- And, if by some chance I am, don’t sell me to Barnum and Bailey as a fashion psychic/wardrobe memorization gypsy, please.


Yep, I bought the "pet pack" and I'm not ashamed.


It’s Okay If you don’t fully understand the Silly Bandz craze, but bought yourself a pack anyway. It’s always fun to revert back to your inner-child.

(remember the Beanie Baby, Pogs, and Pokemon card fads?)


Yes, I'll admit it. I am a mascara addict.


It’s Okay If you use 2 different mascaras to coat your lashes every morning.

After all, long, girly, flirty lashes are in- and who doesn’t love bright, beautiful eyes? I know I do.


Forever 21


For some reason I am having the hardest time finding a decent pair of shorts this summer. They’re either too tiny, baggy, long, or bunched in all the wrong places. I’ve searched H&M, Boscov’s, American Eagle, and Forever 21, and after hours of browsing the new Forever 21 store in Crossgates, I managed to come out with only one pair of cute shorts (see above). Granted, I’m extremely fussy when it comes to short-shopping (probably because I still have muscular horseback rising/dance thighs, I often refer to as my “thunder thighs”), so I like my ideal pair of shorts to be about mid-thigh length, and with a little room to spare (I love the cuffed, almost military look). Also, they need to be versatile. I want to be able to wear them casually, and then out to dinner on the town- dressed up with a flowy tank, and cute stilettos, of course.

So, after many failed attempts in locating this seemingly difficult-to-find item of clothing, any suggestions as to wear I can get (more pairs of) cute, versatile, dressy shorts?

It’s Okay If America’s tune, “My Country Tis of Thee”, is the exact same melody as England’s national anthem “God Save the Queen”.  It is a bit cheeky if you ask me, but we are the rebels after all, and that’s just how we roll.


How many puppies can we fit into one wagon?


There seems to be a dog theme this week (due to Tetley making Friday Puppy, yay!), so I figured I would continue to talk a bit more about man’s (and woman’s!) best friend. Of course, being the overbearing puppy “Mom”, I pick our puppy up and cuddle her constantly. She has an assortment of bows, bandanas, ribbons, collars, the list goes on. She’s one spoiled puppy. So, naturally (after treating our Cocker Spaniel like a child), I’m dismayed when she decides to lay at our feet, rather than snuggle with me. It’s got to be a dog thing, though.

Just last night my boyfriend was playing with her (while I was engulfed in The Bachelorette), and she decided she was tired, so she marched her cute little bum to the end of my boyfriend’s feet- basically as far away from us as possible, and curled up. That’s how we got on the subject. Why do dogs lay at our feet? During dinner, she’ll sleep right under our chairs. When we’re in the living room, she’ll lay down right at our foot rest. It’s almost as if she feels more comfortable there- like a respect thing. Or maybe she’s just tired of me being in her face 24/7. That could be it. Little princess needs her space.

I’ve googled this question, and haven’t found any definite answers. In a forum called Mahalo Answers , one dog owner suggested that “dogs like the smell of  human feet”, and that this makes a dog feel closer to his/her owner. Also, from an ‘alpha’ standpoint, laying at their person’ feet gives a dog ownership, a way of saying “I’m the boss”, if you will. Another Mahalo user suggested that “dogs lay on the floor because its easiest, they are naturally low to the ground.”

I’d prefer to think that Tetley respects me as her owner, and appreciates her spoiled-ness; that’s why she lays at my feet. Somehow I think she’s a little too much of a Diva for that to be the likely reason…

What do you think?



And it's not even raining.


It’s Okay If you and your boyfriend finish each other’s sentences. It just means that you’re on the same page, and who doesn’t want that?

If you haven’t heard by now, my little black bundle of joy, Tetley, made it to Matt Baumgartner‘s infamous Friday Puppy blog. Each Friday, a new batch of puppy photos are selected to be in the following week’s running for “cutest puppy” (there is even a T-Shirt rewarded to the most precious pooch). 

So if you haven’t already, vote for Tetley -you’ve got until this Friday. Kristi Gustafson has already spread the word to her readers, will you do the same?