Fashionista Feedback: Men’s Edition



Guy in the Corduroy Jacket asks:

“I’m going for a smart, yet casual look-I have a dark, Corduroy Jacket and a pair of Khakis. How do I make this work? Are jeans a better choice? And what color shirt should I wear? Please help!”

Guy in the Corduroy Jacket, I feel honored that you’ve asked for my help! It sounds like you’ve got a pretty good idea of the look you’re going for-sophisticated, yet casual, which is in at the moment.

Just have a question in regards to the jeans you’ve mentioned. Are they a dark or medium wash? If you’re going to wear jeans, I recommend dark jeans. They’re a bit more dressy. Jeans will play down the outfit a little, so if you choose to wear jeans, I suggest wearing a V-neck sweater (or vest) over a button down shirt-it’s a preppy way of layering your outfit (see photo above). Again, I like the idea of the pastel colored shirt, and depending on the color, you can match your vest accordingly.

Of course there is always the option of dark jeans, and a neutral jacket with a plain white long sleeve button down under it for a simple, classic, yet posh look. Add a striped tie if you need to dress it up.

If you’re going for more of a preppy look with Khakis or Chinos, wear a dressy button down long sleeve shirt under the jacket (Maybe a blue and white pinstriped shirt to match your dark jacket?). Wearing a patterned shirt will make the look more casual and contrast with your neutral colored pants nicely. If you want to wear a solid, light colored (or pastel) button down with the jacket, however, that would work too. I like the idea of the patterned detail button down with Khakis. Look at some of these shirts. I prefer the striped ones.

Also, you can mix and match my suggestions-for example, if you like the sweater vest with the Khakis, try that look out. If you want to wear a pinstriped button down under your jacket with jeans, that would look good too. It’s completely up to your style preferences.

Hope this helps!


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