Event Wearing: My Own Definition



Don't worry. Event wearing happens to the best of us.


Not to toot my own Chanel encrusted horn, but I must say, I have a fantastic memory- when it comes to fashion, that is. If you were to bring up a memory, I’m 99% sure that I could tell you exactly what I was wearing (and probably what you were wearing too!). Seriously. This seemingly pointless power really provides no benefits, just a subconscious, mental catalog of what I’ve worn, and when I’ve worn it. Often, I subconsciously choose the same outfit I’ve already worn for the same event/outing/occasion in the past. I call this Event Wearing. I know. My mind is so organized (borderline OCD?) and categorical, I often wonder how it can be mine. I have two different examples of when this has happened to me recently (well, semi-recently).

  1. The past 2 times (September 2009, and this past March) I’ve made collages for my BF, I wore the same pastel-plaid H&M button down shirt. This is when I first made the discovery of my freakish tendency to Event Wear.
  2. This past spring, the BF and I went to the cinema quite often, and I distinctly remember wearing my grey sweater-dress on at least two different occasions. It’s not like I chose the sweater-dress because it was warm, it’s short-sleeved for goodness sake.


While there may be no rhyme or reason to my Event Wearing, I think it’s more than a coincidence how my obsessive fashion ability often comes into play. I mean, it’s not like I’m running out of clothes- I recently took 6 bags full of clothes to Plato’s Closet for a wardrobe cleanse. So why do I subconsciously relate certain outfits to certain events/occasions? 

Tell me I’m not the only one- And, if by some chance I am, don’t sell me to Barnum and Bailey as a fashion psychic/wardrobe memorization gypsy, please.

2 Responses to “Event Wearing: My Own Definition”

  1. 1 Sue

    You’re not the only one who remembers that way – a lot of people do. Usually, people remember something significant and then attach it to an event. For you – clothes are significant. Makes perfect sense.

    I have definitely done the “event wearing” thing, too. For me, it’s usually work-related. When I go on dates, even with someone I’ve been seeing a while, I do the opposite – I tend to remember what I’ve already worn in front of him and look for something new.

    As far as having six bags of clothes to bring to Plato’s Closet – that’s beyond impressive to me. Not that you had that many clothes, mind you – but that you were able to show that much will-power and get rid of so many at once. If you’re ever looking for another closet (or four) to clean, let me know. I’ll provide the bags and the flashlight. And breadcrumbs so you can find your way back. 🙂

    • Sue- Good to hear I’m the only one who is “event-wearing”. It’s strange though because it’s all subconscious.
      And on Plato’s Closet- If you had seen my room/closet/2 dressers, you’d see why a trip to Albany was necessary. Old/out of style clothing that I’ll never wear again definitely needed a new home. My closet has actually seemed to replenish itself since the journey. If you looked at it today, you probably wouldn’t believe that I actually got rid of a few things! But I haven’t gotten rid of my old clothes completely-Plato’s Closet took a whopping 1/6 garbage bags, so the remainder of my retired wardrobe is currently living in the garage…

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