Why do dogs lay at our feet?



How many puppies can we fit into one wagon?


There seems to be a dog theme this week (due to Tetley making Friday Puppy, yay!), so I figured I would continue to talk a bit more about man’s (and woman’s!) best friend. Of course, being the overbearing puppy “Mom”, I pick our puppy up and cuddle her constantly. She has an assortment of bows, bandanas, ribbons, collars, the list goes on. She’s one spoiled puppy. So, naturally (after treating our Cocker Spaniel like a child), I’m dismayed when she decides to lay at our feet, rather than snuggle with me. It’s got to be a dog thing, though.

Just last night my boyfriend was playing with her (while I was engulfed in The Bachelorette), and she decided she was tired, so she marched her cute little bum to the end of my boyfriend’s feet- basically as far away from us as possible, and curled up. That’s how we got on the subject. Why do dogs lay at our feet? During dinner, she’ll sleep right under our chairs. When we’re in the living room, she’ll lay down right at our foot rest. It’s almost as if she feels more comfortable there- like a respect thing. Or maybe she’s just tired of me being in her face 24/7. That could be it. Little princess needs her space.

I’ve googled this question, and haven’t found any definite answers. In a forum called Mahalo Answers , one dog owner suggested that “dogs like the smell of  human feet”, and that this makes a dog feel closer to his/her owner. Also, from an ‘alpha’ standpoint, laying at their person’ feet gives a dog ownership, a way of saying “I’m the boss”, if you will. Another Mahalo user suggested that “dogs lay on the floor because its easiest, they are naturally low to the ground.”

I’d prefer to think that Tetley respects me as her owner, and appreciates her spoiled-ness; that’s why she lays at my feet. Somehow I think she’s a little too much of a Diva for that to be the likely reason…

What do you think?


2 Responses to “Why do dogs lay at our feet?”

  1. my dog only lays ON my feet – seriously, she is such a leaner. it’s almost like it’s too much effort for her to support her own weight sometimes. but as to why they do it, i can most definitely tell you (for us) it is not because i’m the pack leader, haha. layla is so spoiled it’s ridiculous. my best guess is it’s just one of those dogisms.

    • kriskaten- It probably is just one of those “dogisms”. I just wasn’t sure if there was a known reason as to why dogs seem to migrate to your feet. What kind of dog do you have?

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