Gold Gladiator Sandals to Spice Up Your Summer



American Eagle Troy Gladiator Sandal


These gold Gladiator Sandals from American Eagle are a hot item this season. They’re both chic and simple, adding a classy twist of modern and girly. American Eagle has some fabulous sandals out this season, (I recently bought a pair of Studded Gladiator Sandals that a friendly AE associate encouraged me to try on). AE‘s gold Gladiator Sandals are so versatile (there I go using that word again), they can be paired with a plethora of outfits; I especially love gold Gladiators with a long dress.

For those of you not vertically challenged, I envy you and your long-dress-wearing-abilities. However, I’ve (finally) found a long strapless dress from Forever 21 that actually fits petites like myself- it’s not in stores or online anymore, unfortunately. If I had slightly linger limbs, I’d pair this dress from Forever 21 with AE‘s gold Gladiators. Add some gold jewelry and you’re set.

Seriously, these sandals are such a steal. For $29.50 these beauties with genuine leather soles are perfect (and durable) for daily wear. I think I may have just convinced myself to buy a pair…


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