Blonde vs. Brunette: Do Blondes Have More Fun?





As a former blonde, I’ve noticed that this hair color in particular is an attention grabber. I was a blonde all throughout high school and on through college often dropping $125+ on my hair every few months. Of course, I went dark every so often, but it would only last a month or two before I missed my blonde locks. Highlights were the cool thing to have as a teenager- especially if you were naturally brunette, so year after year I added more and more damage to my tired-dried out-should’ve-just-stayed-brunette-and-been-healthy hair. Only recently (since January) did I decide to go back to my natural medium brunette shade- it’s healthier, less costly, and will hopefully grow a little faster without the constant fusion of chemicals that have made it brittle and dry in the first place.

When it comes down to it, blonde hair is high maintenance. If you are naturally dark, the upkeep is constant, and the damage is long-lasting (take it from me, I’ve been in that boat). For those of you blessed with natural blonde locks (my boyfriend included), you’re lucky. Keep your envied color.

So I can’t help but wonder about the phrase “blondes have more fun”- why?

Do blondes really get more attention than brunettes?

Is it all a mind game where blondes seem to be more confident (for whatever reason) and attract attention of strangers more easily?

Could it be the subconscious idea that blonde hair is usually not natural these days, so the conclusion that blondes are higher maintenance comes into play (which may be an attention getter)?

Am I reading too far into this? 

At any rate, I’ve decided that I will not be going to “the light side” any time soon. Being brunette seems to suit me (as it is my natural color), and in the end- it’s much healthier. To ensure that your hair is getting the ultimate care (especially for treated/recovering locks), I recommend any Redken product. Color Extend (which is the line that I now use) works great for dyed hair- my hair is still healthy and holding color from January. Blonde Glam works wonders for highlighted/bleached hair. Redken products can be found at many beauty salons (as well as that new beauty supply store in the Wilton Mall).

3 Responses to “Blonde vs. Brunette: Do Blondes Have More Fun?”

  1. 1 Amanda I

    Brunettes have just as much fun and I looooove being a brunette!

  2. 2 Luce

    however, it is true that blondes and brunettes get treated differently. My BFF has tried both extremes (naturally blonde though), and we’ve been clubbing with both, with different results. Blondes, at least at our usual spot, seem to get significantly more hit on. It’s quite interesting really. haha.

    I’m a very proud brunette myself, and wouldn’t dream of going light (partly because it would look horrid on me). Yay brunettes!

  3. there are many hair colors out there but i alway prefere blondes*”`

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