Friday OPI Giveaway: My Chihuahua Bites!



This Week's OPI Giveaway: My Chihuahua Bites!


Finally, Friday has arrived-  time for the premiere of Fashion Forward’s Friday OPI Giveaway. This week’s OPI Nail Lacquer color is a hot-pink/mango shade called My Chihuahua Bites!

To make sure that you’re eligible to win, please read over the Giveaway Guidelines:

  • Contestants must be in the Capital Region (518)
  • Only one answer per person is allowed
  • The question must be fully answered
  • Make sure your e-mail is correct in the contact box: Winners will be notified via e-mail
  • This contest is open for 24 hours

In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought it would be appropriate for this Friday’s OPI Giveaway question to be Mother-related.

Question: If your Mother was asked to describe you in 3 words, what would they be and why?

Hint: The contestant with the most innovative, creative, yet honest answer will win this week’s Friday OPI Giveaway.

Good luck.


10 Responses to “Friday OPI Giveaway: My Chihuahua Bites!”

  1. great question! hmmm. i think my mother would say “independent, smart, adventurous.” my mom loves that i’m always doing crazy stuff like whitewater rafting, riding motorcycles, or mountain biking. i think she also respects me for being almost 30, completely on my own, successful and happy. i think there’s more then a little bit of her in me!

  2. What a fabulous summer color! If my mother were to describe me in 3 words they would be:
    unique, cheeky and ambitious. Ever since I was young I have been marching to my own beat and not listening to what others say is streamlined which makes me unique. Cheeky and ambitious go somewhat together because I am very driven to do what I want and let nothing stand in my way – so I will find cheeky ways of going about this. Such as ending up studying abroad, ending up with an Australian boyfriend and making it work for about 3 years. — What are your three? You have to give us your answers as well!

    • Okay, okay. Danielle is right- it’s only fair that I give my three as well. If my mother were to describe me in 3 words they would most likely be: Loyal, Precise, and Inspired.
      Loyal- I have always been true to my friends, family and in my relationships. I would do anything for the people I love, and I tend to put them before myself. My English boyfriend and I haven’t had it easy (living bi-continentally), but our loyalty to each other has prevailed, and has made our love even stronger.
      Precise- I am a PERFECTIONIST; like hard-core. It’s actually border-line OCD, but I prefer “Precise”.
      Inspired- I’m not sure what sparked it, but I was truly Inspired to study abroad and live in England. Something in me craved the independence and ambitiousness to live in another country and meet new people (which I happily have done. Meeting my Boyfriend overseas made going “across the pond” the best experience a girl could ask for:)).

  3. 4 Amanda I

    I think my mom would say that I was:

    generous, lovable and vivacious.

    My mom would say that I am always giving 100% to people and helping people I care about- and it is tied in with the fact that I am empathetic towards others. She would say that I am lovable because I let people in and give them the opportunity to know me and love me quickly… and I am, as the name Amanda suggests, “deserving of love” or “she who must be loved.” Lastly, she would say that I am vivacious because I am constantly full of energy, and I am a naturally high spirited and lively person.

    (On a funny note: She would also describe me as “jobless” and jobless I am.)

  4. 6 Andy

    Okay, Three(clean) words that my mum would use to describe me,

    -Sreet Smart, (I know its not one word?) Beacause I didnt do well at school, I am not book smart so I am street smart…….

    -Ugly, My Mum is always calling me ugly but I think I get my looks from her side of the family…….

    -Cheeky, I think most of my family would say that actually, I would agree I seem to have an ability to get away with a lot that others wouldn’t.

    Can I have the nail polish now, I think it would look great on my toes………

    • Andy (aka “English BF”), Please. You are not ugly, but you did misspell “Street“. Unless that’s the English way… 😉

      Hey, and this is a girls-only contest! If you really want to paint your toes, you can just borrow my OPI!

  5. 8 Jess


    lazy, annoying and nocturnal.
    sorry mum, i can’t help but party hard in my lederhosen! haha;)

  6. Sorry girls, I only had 3 (honest and timely) responses- I thank you for participating, I don’t think we’ll be doing many more Friday OPI Giveaways in the future, however. There are just not enough contestants.

    I’ll keep you all posted though!

  7. 10 taylor

    please continue to do opi giveaways! so what if there’s not enough people? that just makes people even more excited cuz they have a better chance at winning. btw, wheres capital region (518)?

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