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And this is only her second Yoga class.

When it comes to excercise, many of us want to parktake in something we actually enjoy. Whether it’s intense 6 mile runs (if that’s your kind of thing), brisk power-walks (does anybody really power-walk?), spending half the day in the gym on various machines (that we aren’t quite sure how to work), or workout videos (they make it look so easy), yes, we all try to find a form of excercise that is semi-enjoyable. Fortunately, there are two forms of popular excercise/toning that are both relaxing and challenging (phew, we’ve found a happy medium)- Pilates and Yoga.

But what’s the difference between the two?

One of Fashion Forward‘s readers, Dawn (dmg) asked me this question today, and quite frankly- I didn’t know. 

It is important to understand the differences between Pilates and Yoga to find out which form of workout will benefit your body the greatest- which form will help you reach your excercise-based goals the fastest.‘s Is Yoga or Pilates Better for You? describes the differences between the two in detail; heart health, weight loss, body strength and flexibility, and even bonus benefits are included when comparing them.‘s Naomi Barr gives a lot of positive insight into the benefits of both forms of excercise in this article, and provides answers for anyone wondering “Is Yoga or Pilates better for me?”.

To my understanding, Yoga consists of movements to help achieve relaxation and inner peace while Pilates offers a more rigorous body-toning workout to sculpt and firm the body. Slight aerobic excercise can be incorporated into both forms of workout routines, however, weight loss is not the main goal in either Yoga or Pilates.

Check your local YMCA for Yoga and Pilates classes available this summer.

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