From Roses to Rings


Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

One of my best friends Amanda I and I were having a serious conversation about rings the other day- engagement rings to be precise. We both feel like the standard Diamond Engagement Ring is worn prematurely in some relationships; that couples are rushing to “buy the ring” for commitment-based reasons. Save the proposal- it’ll be more meaningful later. Here is an example to prove why promise rings are more practical for young couples: 

A couple in their early-mid 20s are serious about each other. I’m not talking the “Been-dating-for-3-months-I’m-in-love” serious, I mean the genuine “I’ve-finally-found-someone-I-want-to-spend-the-rest-of-my-life-with” serious. They know that sometime in the future, they will be husband and wife. This girlfriend and boyfriend would like to show their love and commitment to one another without “popping the question” just yet.

So, (if you’re in the same boat) instead of rushing your growing relationship, why not try a promise ring- with a stone other than the standard Diamond?

Both myself and Amanda I believe that like roses, ring stones have different meanings depending on their color. We’ve actually researched the meanings of certain colored roses and matched them with similar colored ring stones. I’ve put together a “Ring-Rose Equality Chart” to exemplify just what we’re talking about. So before you buy your ring, take a look at this.

Diamond Ring=Red Rose: Intense, eternal love

Canary Diamond=Yellow Rose: Deep friendship, love and yearning

Pink Sapphire=Pink Rose: Love, happiness, and laughter

Opal=White Rose: Pure, thoughtful, and sincere love

Mandarin Garnet=Orange Rose: Warm, affectionate and caring love

Peach Morganite=Peach Rose: Appreciative, thankful love

Amethyst=Purple/Lilac Rose: “Love at first sight”, fairytale-like love

Black Roses are typically misunderstood, so I wouldn’t buy a ring based on this colored rose. Many believe that a black rose symbolizes death (of course this can be taken metaphorically- death of old habits, etc). Others believe that black roses signify tragic romance, and sad farewells. On a lighter note, a black rose could symbolize rebirth, or the end of a dark period of time in one’s life. My suggestion is to stay clear of buying a ring based on a black rose (unless you’re into that sort of thing).

So don’t just choose a promise ring based on what’s “pretty”, and try not to gravitate towards the standard Diamond. Decide with your significant other which qualities serve as the foundation of your relationship, and base your ring on that. Your promise ring will be a lot more meaningful when you analyze what’s important to you as a couple.


7 Responses to “From Roses to Rings”

  1. 1 dawn (dmg)

    This is a great post! you’re right people do buy rings pre-maturely. One thing to keep in mind is that opals are not supposed to be bought for yourself, or it is bad luck.

  2. 2 lauren

    what about if i love lillies?! would that count as white rose? xx

  3. 3 lauren

    oooh…i have just thought…what if u have a mood ring how does that sit on your ring-a-rose equality chart?! i love them things! xx

  4. 4 Amanda I

    🙂 Love you girl! I decided Jon should get me an opal ring!
    I have never heard of that bad luck thing… lucky for me the only stones I have ever bought myself were fake… hahaha

  5. 5 Amanda I

    Oh and I am thinking Amethyst… or Mandarin Garnet!! 🙂 Lets go check them out in person.

  6. Interesting post, thank you!

  7. great analogies. i would like one of each from the man i end up with. hahaha. 🙂

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