The Vera Bradley Duffel: Durable and Adorable



Vera Bradley's Symphony in Hue Large Duffel


Don’t you just love Vera Bradley‘s bold patterns and girly paisleys? I know I do- especially Vera Bradley‘s totally-versatile-and-always-practical duffel bags. I am a proud VB duffel owner, and let me tell you; my duffel and I have been many places together. 

Yes, the Vera Bradley large duffel is the perfect travel companion. On flights you can either check it through, or use it as a carry-on. Its durability makes this duffel unique (Heaven knows that my VB has seen its share of Europe). Going on a weekend road trip? No problem. The VB duffel can neatly fit both his and her “stuff”. Not only is the Vera Bradley large duffel durable and easy to carry (with nice long straps), it’s stylish and versatile (which is what every girl wants, right?). 

The $80 duffel featured above is in the pattern Symphony in Hue, but there are tons of other patterns to choose from. There are even select colors on sale. Check out Vera Bradley‘s newest collections online to see for yourself.

2 Responses to “The Vera Bradley Duffel: Durable and Adorable”

  1. 1 Amanda I

    I look anything but cute carrying this large duffel. It is the size of me!! I do own it, and it is very durable and can fit more than two of my suitcases combined!! However, I love love loveeee my mini-duffel. I can stuff that with everything I need and sling it over my shoulder & go!!
    And you are right, Vera Bradley is the queen of girly paisley patterns! 🙂

  2. All Vera Bradley is just lovely, I can’t say enough. 😀

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