Home is Where the Heart is



Ponder This

You’ve probably never given much thought to the phrase home is where the heart is. I know I haven’t- until recently. When we’re little, we know home as where we live, play and go to sleep at night- it was good old Saratoga Springs for me. As we get older, our sense of home changes. Some of us go to college, others move out and get their own place, and a few get married and start a home with their new family. For the majority of us, our apartments, dorms, and houses become a part of who we are, and our hearts tend to accept that these new places are our new homes.

But I feel like the idea of home isn’t necessarily always a physical point of origin. Home can be a familiar feeling or memory, by your significant other’s side, or a place (other than where you grew up) that makes you feel safe or loved.

According to one of Webster’s Online Dictionary’s definitions, home is “an environment offering affection and security”. I believe this to be true. Home is more than just a place; it’s a feeling of comfort and familiarity- wherever one’s heart lies, that’s where he or she will find home.

So, how do you define home? Is home always the place you come from, or is the idea of home not a physical place, but a sense of belonging and love?

What does home mean for you?

2 Responses to “Home is Where the Heart is”

  1. 1 No Name

    Ah… home. Do you have any idea how many songs have been written about home?

    IMHO, home is whatever evokes feelings of longing and a deep emotional connection. It is sometimes a house, a town, a community. It can be family or relatives. It could be a period in time that conjures up a strong sense of attachment or connection with loved ones.

    Home is where the fondest memories were born.

  2. 2 Andy

    I agree with you, home is more than a physical place.

    Home to me is the place that I feel happiest although a ‘home’ still has to bring me shelter and warmth, but the feeling of ‘home’ can come from another person.

    I feel most at home when I am at my girlfriends house but where ever she and I can be together is my idea of ‘home’, that is were my heart is.

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