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One of Fashion Forward‘s readers asks an excellent question regarding sweatpants. Many believe that sweatpants are a “fashion don’t”, so should we write them off our shopping list  altogether, or give them a second chance?

Amanda I says: I never wear sweat pants in public. I honestly think there is no way to make them any better than what they are, which is pajamas. But maybe there is a way to wear sweats and look cute?? Also linen seems to be very in…

No, I didn't just come from the gym. I just enjoy wearing sweatpant tracksuits in public.

Okay. You’re a college graduate now. This means your late-night-studying-party-crashing-sweatpant-wearing days are long gone. Let’s face it, those 8 am classes sure came quick on Monday mornings. Most of time, you didn’t even bother changing. You just rolled out of bed, down the hill, into your classroom, and by some miracle into your seat while wearing the same sweatpants you slept in the night before. I’m sure you never questioned whether or not you were fashionable at the moment because Hey- IT’S 8 O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING! And about 95% of your class was wearing sweatpants too.

But now you’re done with college. You are living out of your campus bubble and in the real world. Is there a way to wear sweatpants in public and still look stylish? As Amanda I has pointed out, there is really no way to make sweatpants publically acceptable. I would have to agree. In my opinion, sweatpants are the easy way out, and a huge fashion “No No”. Nobody should have to resort to sweatpants because “they didn’t have time to pick out an outfit this morning” or “sweatpants are just so comfy“. You made a fashion choice this morning when you chose to wear sweatpants, and there are other ways to be comfortable and cute. We see a lot of middle-aged women (and many mothers) making these same excuses regarding sweatpants and quite frankly, it just isn’t acceptable. TLC’s What Not to Wear deals with these kinds of women, and both Stacey London and Clinton Kelly provide the same advice. Dress to impress. Dress your body right, and you will feel good about yourself. Let’s face it. Nobody looks good in sweatpants.

The fact of the matter is that sweatpants make everyone look frumpy and lazy. As Amanda I points out, sweatpants are basically pajamas. Do we want to give people the impression that we have been unproductive all day? An attempt to “dress up” the sweatpant look would be near impossible as well. No shirt would be able to outshine or “defrumpatize” your lazy-looking-might-as-well-be-sleeping sweats. It just wouldn’t work. Trust me.

There are ways to be comfortable and cute without having to resort to wearing sweatpants. I am a huge fan of leggings (mainly because they are  so versatile). An oversized shirt with leggings, a necklace, and flat strappy sandals is a quick, comfortable way to look super cute. I recommend Topshop‘s black leggings (which, might I add, can also be purchased in a petite size).  Amanda I suggested linen pants which are popular this spring. This light-weight sweatpant alternative can be paired with just about any style of shirt or tank top, and would be perfect to pair with sandals as well. H&M has some vintage, light-washed linen pants that would be ideal for our upcoming summer months.

I guess if you are sold on buying sweatpants, or a sweatpant set I would advise you to shop Victoria Secret’s Pink Collection for cute summer styles and colors. As a more expensive option, check out Juicy Couture. Just remember, there is a time and place to wear sweatpants, and it is not appropriate to wear them in public.

So now that Amanda I and I have agreed that sweatpants are indeed a fashion faux pas we open this question up to you:

Is it possible to wear sweat pants in public and look cute?

5 Responses to “Fashionista Feedback”

  1. 1 Amanda I

    I think we both know my response. Yuck! But linen pants and leggings I am totally ALL FOR! I can’t wait to try a cute white tank with khaki linens and a bold turquoise necklace once this cold weather leaves for good! Until then I have been pairing some black ankle-length leggings with a cute tunic and gladiators or boots. 🙂

    • We’re on the same page, girl! H&M has some mega cute gladiators. I’ve seen some in Forever 21 this Spring season as well. Too bad we don’t have a High Street here in the states, London has some amazing fashion boutiques and shops with a plethora of adorable flats and strappy sandals.

  2. I can’t tell you how strongly I feel about this subject! I’ve written about it several times on my blog – sweatpants are NOT an excuse for real clothing! Thanks for writing this. 🙂

  3. we always choose comforter sets that cotton based, despite the advances in fabric technology, cotton is still the best,”*

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