To Bow or Not To Bow?



To bow or not to bow, that is the question.

Blair Waldorf is no doubt a fashion icon on one of our favorite TV dramas, Gossip Girl. Her classy and sheek style surely inspires us all. One of her signature styles is of course the Bow Headband. I am a HUGE Bow Headband advocate if it’s worn the right way (in fact, I’m wearing one right now). Bow Headbands should compliment and tie an outfit together, not appear like a last minute add-on. When worn in the right fashion (no pun intended), a classic Bow Headband should give a Coco Chanel-like vintage vibe; totally Vogue. Wear some pearls with a classic black Bow Headband and you’re on the right track. 

This original black bow headband worn by Leighton Meester is from Kitson Boutique, but is no longer in stock. For other super cute and classy Bow Headbands, check out Topshop I’m looking at Topshop’s floppy Bow Headbands myself…

6 Responses to “To Bow or Not To Bow?”

  1. In response to your title: always bow!

    Blair knows best.

    xoxo Hannah

  2. Glad you girls are showing love for the bow too!

  3. 4 Luce

    to bow, to bow! I love bows, specially for my short hair. It gives that little extra feeling of sweetness at the same time it can make a dull hairday just a bit better (:

  4. 5 Amanda I

    Yeah Blair is legit, lets take her advise (and yours) and bow awayy!

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