Hot or Not?


Faux Leather Cage Pumps from Forever 21

I found these Faux Leather Cage Pumps at Forever 21 the other day, and I am really undecided whether or not I should buy them. They are almost a mix between a sandal and a proper high heel (which would be perfect for Summer outings). But I’m not so sure about the faux leather- Will they hold up in the heat? Is faux leather comfortable to wear? They’re only $29 so that’s a plus. 

Hot or not? Advice needed.


4 Responses to “Hot or Not?”

  1. Oy. This is a tough one. I’d say “you get what you pay for” – They might not be comfortable after a little while, and if you’re talking summer (muggy) heat, your feet may get too hot. I recently bought a similar, more open pair by Franco Sarto on I spent a little more than $29 but the leather combined with more openness will ensure a longer lasting shoe experience!

    However, for $29 – if you wear them once or twice, who cares? 🙂

  2. Thanks, Amanda! You are definitely right! The more I look at them, the cheaper they look! I think I’m going to wait until I find some that are made a bit better. That’s the problem with Forever 21’s shoes… they all look wicked cheap (because they are).

  3. 3 lauren


    i think they are really gorgeous and summery…but i think that if i put them on…i might feel a bit of a clown! which is why im going for black and sensible! (especially for £85!)…but still just as sexy!

    or these ones from topshop are rather nice!!…

    …and river island also have good shoes!

    x x x

  4. 4 lauren

    these ones are also lovely…i will be buying these when i get a spare £90!!!!!

    AND….i got the black ones today from office…OMG…i think my ankles might snap! but they look hot!

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